Off-the-shelf brakes introduced, intended for heavy armored vehicles

WASHINGTON--AUSA. Specialist brake and caliper maker Alcon introduced its new CIR55 custom heavy armored vehicle brake caliper into the U.S. defense market at the Association of the United States Army Exhibition (AUSA). The recently introduced CIR55 has been designed and developed to fit 8x8-type military vehicles operating at 30 to 40-plus metric tons, gross vehicle mass (GVM).

Aimed at serving as a direct alternative to the current defense industry standard twin-caliper arrangement, the CIR55 brake caliper features a newly designed eight-piston, four-pad configuration with an option for either 60-mm or 64-mm pistons. The caliper can be used on disc sizes between 400 mm and 410 mm; the split-center design allows caliper variants for a variety of disc thicknesses. The high-friction pads dampen noise with an anti-rattle system; both the caliper and seals are protected to cope with often harsh in-field environments.

Alcon officials say that the smaller, lighter brakes can reduce weight by as much as 50 kg (approximately 110 pounds) per vehicle.