New XSTAR instrumentation radar system from Star Dynamics and General Dynamics tracks multi-stage missile

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. The XSTAR instrumentation radar system designed by engineers at STAR Dynamics Corp. and General Dynamics C4 Systems completed a demonstration where the radar tracked the multi-stage test missile launch and flight.

During the demonstration, the tracked a test missile flying at more than 5,000 mph through all three deployment stages. The radar recorded and tracked the various stages of the missile’s launch, separation of the first and second stage boosters and also payload deployment, as well as the debris that separated from the missile.

The XSTAR radar system tracks and collects test data on one or more flying objects that require time, space and position measurements utilized for system test and evaluation. The XSTAR design has an advanced software-based architecture that uses commercial off-the-shelf () equipment, which enables users to customize individual radar systems based on their needs and easily to upgrade new components.

The tracking data captured and recorded by the XSTAR radar can be used scientists, engineers, and others who develop and test airborne products and weapons systems that travel at very high speeds, such as rockets, munitions, bombs, missiles, and aircraft.

The XTAR radar is a combination of radar systems with precision manufacturing and logistics and maintenance support from . XSTAR is cost-effective because it can perform the job of multiple radar systems, says Chris Marzilli, General Dynamics C4 Systems president.

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