New infantry weapons to be developed by Raytheon, Saab

TUCSON, Ariz. Saab and Raytheon teamed up to develop new weapons for infantry forces. Initially, the team will upgrade the Carl-Gustaf reloadable shoulder-launched weapon system and explore opportunities to enhance Saab's AT4 disposable weapon system to meet near-term U.S. and international requirements.

The Carl-Gustaf system is used by the U.S. Army and ground forces of 40 other countries. The multi-role weapon has been modernized to meet the changing needs of soldiers on the ground. For example, Saab recently improved portability by reducing the weight of the latest version, the M4/M3E1, from 22 to 15 pounds.

The upgraded weapon systems will give U.S. and coalition dismounted forces overmatch capabilities against enemy threats on the battlefield.

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