Navy to receive first deployable P-8A Poseidon trainers

ARLINGTON, Va. U.S. Navy officials tasked Boeing to deliver the first deployable P-8A Poseidon trainers, allowing aircrew and operators to improve their mission readiness even while serving away from home.

Under contract, Boeing will provide seven Deployable Trainers (DMRTs) to the Navy with deliveries starting in 2019. The proposed DMRT design is portable with low-power requirements and includes Boeing’s Weapons Tactics Trainer system, which incorporates sonobuoy and ocean acoustics modeling.

“Training ensures the Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance community is proficient in anti-submarine warfare. By using these trainers, crews are trained without adding flight hours to the aircraft,” says CDR. John Thoe, P-8A training systems integrated product team lead. “DMRTs will fulfill these important requirements by providing high-fidelity, crew-based training to deployed squadrons.”

The U.S. Navy trains P-8A Poseidon aircrews at naval air stations in Jacksonville, Florida and Whidbey Island, Washington. Seventy percent of the training for P-8A aircrews takes place in simulators and other trainers; the remaining 30 percent uses the actual aircraft.

Boeing is also under contract to deliver a complete P-8A training system to the Royal Australian Air Force, beginning in 2018.

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