Navy releases funds to enhance DATEM, a real-time alert system

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. U.S. Navy officials released additional funding to Charles River Analytics to extend and enhance the company's Distributed Analysis Tool for Enterprise Monitoring (DATEM) full-scope prototype. The DATEM contract with options is valued at approximately $1.5 million over four years.

DATEM is a real-time alerting system that provides tripwires to detect, classify, and localize system faults. DATEM identifies inappropriate operator behaviors (e.g., failure to respond to critical system alerts), recognizes emergent conditions of interest (e.g., hardware or software faults, resource limits), and recommends appropriate responses to improve mission’s success. DATEM makes sense of health and status data and alerts Sailors of abnormal system behavior.

“It’s extremely humbling—and very exciting—to know DATEM will be used daily by the Navy,” explains Joe Gorman, Charles River’s Principal Investigator on the DATEM effort. “Our system also provides an opportunity for us to apply our latest and greatest machine learning research for fault detection and classification with probabilistic modeling for fault localization. The combination of fault detection and localization technologies improves efficiency and makes DATEM valuable to the Navy.”