Navy approves non-dilutive hardware integration funding to Aquabotix for unexploded ordnance solutions

FALL RIVER, Mass. U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) officials approved a non-dilutive hardware integration funding to Aquabotix Technology Corp. -- a UUV Aquabotix Ltd wholly-owned subsidiary -- to deliver a solution geared towards unexploded ordnance missions for the Navy.

Once the solution is delivered, it will be incorporated into Aquabotix’s product SwarmDiver as well as other Aquabotix-manufactured unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) to support unexploded ordnance detection missions by the U.S. Navy and allied forces.

This funding will address ordnance that was disposed of or did not explode when deployed in previous conflicts poses a risk of detonation, even decades later, and is found in shallow waters across the globe. A Texas A&M University study estimated there are over 13.6 million kilograms of ordnance just in the Gulf of Mexico alone. To avoid accidental detonation of these explosives, mission support is required to detect, locate, and neutralise them.

This initial funding from the Navy supports continued SwarmDiver product development.