NATO country buys $17 million multispectral vision system from Elbit

HAIFA, Israel. Elbit Systems has been awarded a $17 million/30-month contract to supply its BrightNite multispectral helicopter-pilot vision systems to an air force in a NATO country; the company did not specify the country in the announcement.

According to Elbit, the BrightNite panoramic piloting solution delivers the landscape scenery -- including 2-D flight symbology and 3-D mission symbology -- directly to both eyes of the pilot, which enables intuitive head-up, eyes-out orientation flight in full darkness, sandstorms, whiteouts, and other low-visibility conditions. The multispectral sensor constructs the scenery picture by fusing multiple day and night cameras into a single image that is projected onto a pilot's helmet visor, regardless of exterior light conditions.