NASA study aims to facilitate Free Space Optic satellite networks

SANFORD, Fla. NASA officials selected PathFinder Digital to study the feasibility of developing a transportable research and test platform to facilitate the design of Free Space Optic (FSO) satellite networks.

The study focuses on the development of Optical Ground Stations (OGS) and their interoperability to Optical Space Terminals (OST). It also aims to develop atmospheric mitigation techniques such as site diversity, cognitive networking, and hybrid lasercom/RF [radio-frequency] networks. The transportable test platform would provide both U.S. industry and the U.S. Government the tools necessary to refine standards and facilitate FSO development.

"Laser communications is likely to be a disruptive technology in the field of satellite communications, especially regarding its use as a backbone for space to ground communications with GEO, MEO and LEO networks. PathFinder is proud to be at the forefront of free space optic communications. Our growing expertise in laser/optical communications is a great supplement to our extensive experience in RF communications. We look forward to continuing our work in this field with NASA, other US Government agencies and industry," says Roger McGarrahan, CEO of PathFinder Digital LLC.