NASA, Rockwell Collins complete integration testing for UAS in national airspace

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. NASA and Rockwell Collins recently completed the first of a series of tests that will enable Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) to safely operate in the national airspace. The data link waveform tests simulated communication between one aircraft and one ground-based pilot station, with the objective of verifying the waveform’s operation in the radio spectrum.

“There are a number of areas where the ability to safely operate in U.S. airspace will provide significant benefits, including public safety enhancements, agricultural solutions, and other applications that are unforeseen today,” says Dave Schreck, Director of UAS and Control Technologies, . “However, we all agree that there are many considerations that must be thoroughly researched to allow the safe, efficient and routine operation of unmanned systems in the . Our collaborative effort with NASA to examine the communication implications is an excellent example of the extensive research that is underway.”

Further testing will occur throughout the week on a NASA-owned Lockheed S-3 Viking aircraft at the Eastern Iowa Airport. For more information visit