Multi-modal sensor pod for ISR on aircraft unveiled by Logos Technologies at AUSA 2019

AUSA 2019--WASHINGTON. Logos Technologies unveiled at the AUSA 2019 Annual Meeting & Exposition its new multi-modal sensor pod (MMSP) and revealed plans for the first flight of its BlackKite IR wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) pod.

The MMSP -- designed for use on fixed-wing and rotary manned aircraft as well as certain types of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) -- uses three sensors (large-format camera, spectrometer, and ultra-high-definition camera) to provide multilayered correlated information for the user. The small pod integrates the sensors across a range of spectrums allowing for closer inspection and the use of a single unit rather than multiple sensors or aircraft.

The company also announced it is working on first flight plans for the substantially smaller BlackKite IR WAMI pod, which it expects to test on a small UAS before the middle of 2020.

Image: Logos