Missile-defense radar for U.S. Army to get critical technology supplied by Raytheon, Mercury Systems

ANDOVER, Mass. Mercury Systems announced that Raytheon has chosen its signal-processing and RF solutions as part of its advanced Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) program, the Army’s next-generation missile defense radar that is in line to replace the Army’s current Patriot radars; the LTAMDS will operate on the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense network.

LTAMDS radar: Courtesy Raytheon

Mercury officials state that LTAMDS draws from a portfolio of combat-proven modular, scalable, configurable open-system capabilities the companies worked on together.

LTAMDS -- purpose-designed to be fully operable with the U.S. Army’s existing architecture -- expands battlespace coverage to protect soldiers from advanced air and missile threats. Its far-reaching design helps the U.S. Army prevail when it confronts what is sometimes called the “tyranny of distance” in places like the Pacific theater, where the vast expanse of ocean complicates communications and situational understanding.