MilSource announces Techaya’s rugged 8-port Power over Ethernet gigabit switch for power and data connectivity

Los Angeles. U.S. military-grade Ethernet distributor MilSource has announced the availability of Techaya’s rugged, 8-port MILTECH 910 PoE (Power over Ethernet) MIL-STD gigabit switch. The MILTECH 910 provides power and data connectivity to PoE-enabled cameras, mesh nodes, WiFi access points, and other devices that are in compliance with IEEE 802.3af/at standards for PoE.

’s PoE is designed for mobile Ethernet-equipped applications, like and platforms, and is the only military-grade Gigabit Ethernet () switch that eliminates the need for additional power sources. Offering 330 W allocated over eight ports (up to 60 W per port), the MILTECH 910 can power both IEEE 802.3at- and 802.3af-compliant devices through an Ethernet cable.

The MILTECH 910 is hardened to provide impact and shock/vibration protection, and features improvements to comply with military standards for airborne and ground environmental compliance and reliability.

“Before today, available military-grade PoE switches didn’t provide power to all ports – or, if all ports supported PoE, each port’s power budget would be less than what the 802.3af standard calls for,” says Ronen Isaac, GM of . “That was okay when devices needed less than 7.5 watts of power, but most of today’s sophisticated cameras and sensors now require a full 30W power draw. The MILTECH 910 PoE is the only IP67 Ethernet switch on the market with the ability to dynamically allocate up to 60W of power per port, on all ports, while still providing high speed gigabit Ethernet connectivity,” he continues.

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