Mikros completes second installation of AN/SYM-3 in USS Freedom

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. Engineers at Mikros Systems Corp. completed the second install and testing of its AN/SYM-3 system - previously known as ADEPT Distance Support Sensor Suite (ADSSS) - on the Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom (LCS 1).

With this install Mikros has completed the first installation on each of the LCS variants along with the shore model-based prognostic framework. As installed on LCS 1, AN/SYM -3 will use Mikros’ proprietary model-based Prognostics Framework technology to monitor combat system elements to detect and predict on-ship system failures and apply predictive analytics to on-shore systems to detect broader maintenance trends and patterns across the fleet.

AN/SYM -3 provides condition-based maintenance for mission-critical complex distributed systems using smart sensors, model-based prognostics, and secure fault-tolerant networking. AN/SYM’s model-based prognostics framework converts large amounts of data into actionable information for operations, maintenance and logistics, while a secure fault-tolerant network helps protect critical operational data.