Microsystems Exploration program announced by DARPA

WASHINGTON. DARPA announced a new Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) effort called the Microsystems Exploration program.

Photo courtesy of DARPA.

The Microsystems Exploration program will be a series of short-term investments into research focused on technical domains relevant to MTO. Leveraging streamlined contracting and funding approaches, awards for each area of exploration – or μE topic – will be made within 90 days of announcement. Each μE topic will run for up to 18 months, during which time researchers will work to establish the feasibility of new concepts or technologies.

The Microsystems Exploration program will employ best practices from DARPA’s other fast-track solicitation programs – the agency-wide AI Exploration program and the Defense Science Office’s “Disruptioneering” initiative. These programs are focused on enabling rapid advances in artificial intelligence and basic science respectively.

The Microsystems Exploration program will pursue research concepts that explore frontiers in embedded microsystem intelligence and localized processing; novel electromagnetic components and technologies; microsystem integration for functional density and security; and disruptive microsystem applications in C4ISR, electronic warfare, and directed energy. The first three potential topics focus on hardware security, novel materials, and new computing architectures for heterogeneous systems.