MD-530F logistics support contract awarded to MD Helicopters

MESA, Ariz. MD Helicopters Inc. was awarded a $50.4 million contract for logistics support of Afghanistan Air Force helicopters, the Defense Department announced. The contract is a modification of a prior agreement, and work will be done in Kabul and Mesa. The nature of the logistics work was unspecified.

Photo by Sgt. Perry Aston courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

The Afghanistan Air Force has 28 of the Mesa, Ariz., company's MD-530F aircraft, with 154 more on order as the Afghan military transitions from Russian and former Soviet bloc-made aircraft.

The Afghan Air Force currently has 100 helicopters from the Russian Mil Mi-17 and Mi-24 series, and 43 U.S.-made Bell, HAL and Sikorsky helicopters, in addition to the MD fleet.

The MD-530 series is regarded as a light-duty aircraft and is based on the Vietnam-era OH-6 Cayuse, a light observation helicopter.