Loitering, airborne ISR goal of Raytheon-UVision teaming

TUCSON, Arizona. Raytheon Co. and UVision officials signed a teaming agreement to work together on developing small, loitering airborne solutions. As part of the agreement, Raytheon engineners will adapt the UVision Hero-30 remotely-operated lethal loitering airborne system for U.S. military requirements.

The Hero-30 is a man-packed, canister-launched airborne loitering system that Raytheon will modify for lethal target engagement as well as traditional airborne , , () missions. The adapted system will meet the U.S. 's requirement for Lethal Miniature Aerial , also known as LMAMS.

"Raytheon and UVision will offer U.S. Army small units a new capability with a fully-developed, portable, lethal loitering system," says Dr. Thomas Bussing, Raytheon vice president of Advanced Missile Systems. "This system significantly enhances the situational awareness and combat power of small units operating on the battlefield."

The Hero-30 derivative potentially may fulfill conventional small-unit and special-operations requirements. Previous user evaluations have determined Hero-30 to be flexible and simple to enable use in small-unit operations.

For more information on the Hero-30, visit us at www.uvisionuav.com. For more information on Raytheon, visit www.raytheon.com.