Lockheed Martin completes TPS-77 Multi-Role Radar site acceptance test

RIGA, Latvia. Lockheed Martin officials announced they met on-time delivery of the first three radars to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Latvia with a successful site acceptance test of the third TPS-77 Multi-Role Radar (TPS-77 MRR).

As part of the TPS-77 MRR program, has engaged with local Latvian industry for procurement and production. These relationships will form the basis for long-term local maintenance and support of the new systems.

The TPS-77 MRR plays a vital role in improving the Latvian Air Force's airspace defense by increasing its low-level flight and identification capabilities, leading to enhanced early warning and situation awareness that allows its armed forces to make more informed and efficient decisions in response to modern day threats.

The TPS-77 MRR is the latest version in Lockheed Martin's product line of surveillance and was developed in response to the evolving needs of armed forces on the battlefield. The radar's multirole single scan technology allows operators to select multiple missions for the radar at a single time, such as long range or medium range low-level flight surveillance. As the radar rotates through each 360-degree scan, the system automatically adjusts to the selected mission. Changes can be made if the system is moved or mission is changed. Once set, no further operator inputs are required.

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