LGS Innovations wins $7.5 million DARPA dispersed computing contract

HERNDON, Va. Communications-solution provider LGS Innovations announced that it has been awarded a four-year, $7.5 million cost-plus-fixed-fee contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the Dispersed Computing (DCOMP) program.

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Under the terms of the contract for the first phase of the program, LGS will develop algorithms and protocols for identifying, connecting, and tasking dispersed computing assets for simultaneous users with competing demands at different priority levels in a dynamic network environment. Innovations in these areas will be used to improve network performance during defense-related missions. Dispersed computing is an approach that uses the collective computing power of dissimilar, dispersed edge devices such as smartphones, sensors, and microclouds; this avenue  is used when backhauling data to large data centers creates unacceptable latency or is not a viable option in the field.

Goals for the first phase of the LGS-DARPA contract include a significant reduction in latency and bandwidth consumption and significant, measurable gains in application performance utility.

DARPA's DCOMP program also seeks reinvention of and innovation in the network protocols that have traditionally guided internet architecture.

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