Kutta joins Dynetics team working on DARPA unmanned system project

PHOENIX. Kutta Technologies -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation specializing in advanced unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology -- has received a Phase 2 subcontract from Dynetics (Huntsville, Alabama) to assist Dynetics with the development of UASs under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Gremlins program.

The Gremlins project is charged with enabling volleys of low-cost, reusable UASs that calls gremlins, which would be launched and retrieved in air. Kutta's role in the project is to provide the multivehicle control services along with a scheduling algorithm for the Gremlins.

The goal of the Gremlins program is to enable smart coordination of persistent and reliably synchronized launch-and-recovery operations.

During Phase 1 of the project, Kutta was able to demonstrate control-station prototypes for launch-and-recovery workflows and an initial system specification. The company's effort during Phase 2 of the Gremlins project aims to refine these designs toward airworthiness in preparation for flight testing in Phase 3, which is planned for early 2018.

Artist's rendering of synchronized Gremlins UAS. Courtesy DARPA.

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