Intelligent Ship program to leverage AI

UNITED KINGDOM. The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has announced the first wave of $5.2 million (GBP4 million). The funding aims to revolutionize the way warships make decisions and process thousands of strands of intelligence and data by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Nine projects will share an initial $1.3 million (GBP 1 million) to develop technology and innovative solutions to overcome information overload faced by crews as part of DASA’s Intelligent Ship – The Next Generation competition.

Intelligent Ship is focused on inventive approaches for Human-AI and AI-AI teaming for defense platforms – such as warships, aircraft, and land vehicles – in 2040 and beyond in an effort to address evolving adversaries.

Although titled Intelligent Ship, a warship is just the prototype demonstrator for this competition – the project will inform development relevant to all defense equipment and military services.