Insitu’s ICOMC2 GCS allows one operator to control multiple unmanned platforms

WASHINGTON. The Insitu Common Open-Mission Management Command and Control (ICOMC2) Ground Control Station (GCS) was introduced at the 2013 Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) conference. ICOMC2 allows one operator to control multiple unmanned vehicles simultaneously, and has an open-architecture system can scale from soldier-worn devices up to large operational Command and Control (C2) systems.

The core features a software development kit that enables operators to customize their systems with new applications and plug-ins. The ICOMC2 also includes an augmented video overlay system, allowing operators to overlap video and data on the same screen, such as acoustic detectability, border and satellite information, target identification, and terrain elevation.

"ICOMC2 is a proven system," says Ryan Hartman, Senior VP of Insitu Programs. "The system has been refined through more than 700,000 flight hours and is currently supporting both land and maritime missions globally."

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