Initial milestone reached for USAF spacecraft enterprise ground services

SAN DIEGO. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has completed Phase 1 of an EGS [Enterprise Ground Services] Study Contract in its plan to transition the Command and Control System-Consolidated (CCS-C), the Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) Satellite C2 system, into the EGS.

EGS is is a portion of the U.S. Air Force's Space Enterprise Vision (SEV), which was envisioned to support a sustainable, resilient space architecture that can respond to threats and protect space-based assets. EGS, say Kratos officials, will result in a more resilient, cost-effective, and robust ground architecture; provides for enhanced space situational awareness (SSA); and will integrate with the Air Force's Enterprise Space Battle Management Command and Control system (BMC2) now being developed. Two additional SEV components focus on a new, more resilient space architecture and a more responsive satellite launch capability.

The study, a 27-month project consisting of four phases, is a critical step in the evolution of CCS-C and MILSATCOM in support of EGS. Following the demonstration of Phase I -- witnessed by over 40 government personnel and evaluators -- the effort has now transitioned to execute Phase 2. The final phase is scheduled to conclude in December 2018.