GrammaTech CodeSonar integrated with Eclipse IDE

SAN JOSE, CA. GrammaTech has announced integration of the CodeSonar static analysis tool into the Eclipse IDE. Using the CodeSonar Eclipse plug-in enables developers to run static analysis and correct defects from within the Eclipse environment.

Results of the are synchronized with a central customer server, which enables code examination and error correction from a desktop prior to check in. This also allows development teams to jointly manage results in real time, with the ability to propagate analysis run results or categorized issues to groups of users, for example.

“With this integration, CodeSonar-generated warnings are displayed in the Eclipse ‘problems view,’” says Paul Anderson, Vice President of Engineering, . “Users can navigate seamlessly from a CodeSonar warning to the actual problematic code and code can be fixed immediately.”

The CodeSonar Eclipse plug-in is free of charge to GrammaTech customers with existing software maintenance contracts. It is expected to be available this summer.

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