GET Engineering announces new Virtual Navy communications system

SAN DIEGO. GET Engineering Corporation has announced the launch of Virtual Navy Tactical Data Systems (V-NTDS), a new communications system to replace traditional NTDS. The new V-NTDS is designed to reduce development and deployment costs by removing the need for NTDS adapters and costly cables for NTDS communication.

“We created NTDS to allow for a seamless transition of a functioning system with NTDS hardware to communication, reducing the system’s overall cost. V-NTDS provides a turnkey solution to aging NTDS applications,” says CEO and President of GET Engineering Corp, David Grundies.

The new V-NTDS product line does not require specialized NTDS converters, there requires little to no modification on an existing NTDS application, and the V-NTDS also includes an adaptable API which enables continued use of certified applications. The V-NTDS design provides emulation of standard NTDS operations, includes separate channels for data and external interrupts, and aborting conditions, timeouts, and other termination events are well supported.

The V-NTDS also provides a new functionality – the ability to perform data transactions between different NTDS types. For example, an NTDS Type A device can now communicate with other complementing types (B/C/H) or with NTDS Serial data types (D/E).

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