GATR Technologies to deliver SATCOM solution to support New Zealand forces

SAN DIEGO. New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) officials placed an order with GATR Technologies, a subsidiary which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) business division at Cubic Corp. The order is valued at an estimated $5 million to provide satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions for the NZDF.

Under the multi-year contract, Cubic will supply 2.4-meter inflatable satellite antennas with supporting hardware, spares, and New Equipment Training (NET) for the NZDF Network Enabled Army (NEA) program. In addition, Cubic will deliver and integrate an iDirect-based, time division multiple access (TDMA) network within the NZDF's existing, and future hub infrastructure.

The NEA program improves the NZDF’s ability to support deployed land forces by enhancing its battlefield’s command and control system, communications and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) sensor systems. By closely examining how the NZDF communicates across coalition operations, the NEA program works to advance communication capabilities for future deployments in the South Pacific and high-intensity environments.

“GATR’s SATCOM is expected to provide the New Zealand Army with a communications solution that meets its tactical requirements and enhance the command and control capabilities of its forces when deployed on operations. Work is expected to commence soon to integrate GATR into the New Zealand Defence Information Environment,” says Major General Peter Kelly, New Zealand Chief of Army.