First Advanced Encryption Long-Range Wireless Radio Solution Introduced by FreeWave Technologies

LAS VEGAS - The Spartan Series of wireless radios with advanced FIPS 140-2 encryption technology for secure long-range communications for the government and defense sectors was unveiled today by FreeWave Technologies at AUVSI. With a small footprint, the Spartan Series provides a highly reliable, real-time communications data link that ensures the secure transmission/reception of encrypted data, and is an ideal solution for applications such as the Command and Control (C2) of Unmanned Systems (USs).

The advanced key handling architecture were designed with an Secret and Below (SaB) upgrade path in mind, and are equipped with NSA “Suite B” algorithms, contain up to 32 unique crypto keys that can be remotely zeroized (individually or all simultaneously), and are upgradeable to a DS-101 key loading interface. Initial configuration of Spartan Series radios can be either serial (225 MHz – 400 MHz, or 1.3/2.4 GHz) or Ethernet (1.3/2.4GHz).

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 certification of the Spartan Series is expected soon.

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