Fido X4 explosives trace detector equipped with sensor array

WILSONVILLE, Ore. FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the launch of the FLIR Fido X4, the newest version of its handheld explosives trace detector. The Fido X4 is designed to deliver sensitivity for a broad range of explosives, enabling users to detect threats at levels difficult for other devices to register.

Photo courtesy of FLIR Systems.

FLIR Systems’ TrueTrace detection technology is designed with a five-channel sensor array intended to deliver expanded threat coverage. TrueTrace detects a range of explosives at nanogram to sub-nanogram levels allowing users to gain actionable intelligence through identification of threats.

A FLIR PackBot Hardware Integration Kit will sync the Fido X4 with the company’s unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) used for explosive ordnance and bomb disposal. Fido’s multi-platform adaptability should allow users to switch the device from handheld operation to unmanned systems for standoff threat detection.

Fido X4 is size, weight, and power optimized and designed for extended operations with two eight-hour, hot-swappable batteries.