FAA orders common terminal digitizers from Telephonics Corp.

New York, N.Y. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials placed production orders with Telephonics Corp. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation) for 34 Common Terminal Digitizer (CTD) systems.

This production order contract, along with the development program, is worth an estimated $22.7 million to date. In 2014, The initially awarded the CTD program to Telephonics as a multi-year contract that includes four future ordering periods and supports the agency’s Terminal Automation Modernization Replacement (TAMR) program.

Officials say, CTD supports the FAAs Next Gen initiative so that Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR-8), Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator (ATCBI-5), and Mode S radar systems can interface to the modernized Standard Terminal Automation Replacement Systems (STARS) Air Traffic Control Systems (ATCs) installed in TRACON facilities and control towers throughout the U.S.

The CTD system will provide radar data or digitized real-time positions, identification, and weather data to the TAMR system for display to U.S. air traffic controllers, enabling them to monitor the skies more effectively and enhance air traffic safety.

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