F-35s to undergo depot maintenance by United Technologies

FARMINGTON, Conn. The Pratt & Whitney division of United Technologies Corp. (UTC) was awarded a potential four-year, $325.2 million contract for aircraft maintenance equipment for the F-35 fighter aircraft. The contract, announced by the Defense Department, calls for UTC to provide material and support equipment for depot maintenance facilities, as well as non-recurring sustainment activities, supplies, services, and planning for depot activations.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force.

It also includes two F135 full-scale mockup engines and four modules for test activities in support of the F-35 Lightning II Program. Work will be performed largely at UTC's Oklahoma City facility, as well as in several other locations within the United States and in foreign countries, and is expected to conclude in 2023.

Fiscal 2019 aircraft procurement funds of the Navy, Marine Corps and Navy, as well as those of non-Defense Department agencies and foreign buyers of the F-35, will pay for the contract, the Pentagon said.

Built by Lockheed Martin with UTC as a major subcontractor, the F-35 is a single engine, fifth-generation stealth combat aircraft designed for ground-attack and air-superiority missions.