Explainable-AI for UAV image recognition funded by USAF

POTOMAC, Md. Z Advanced Computing, Inc. (ZAC), a software startup funded by the U.S. Air Force, will use ZAC's detailed 3D image recognition technology, based on Explainable-Artificial Intelligence (AI), for unmanned aerial vehicles' (UAV) aerial image/object recognition.

Graphic courtesy of Z Advanced Computing Inc.

Researchers at ZAC claim that explainable-AI provides UAV vision with the capability to recognize various attributes and details of 3D objects from any view or angle, similar to the way humans recognize objects.

According to the company, this technology enables image search in a wide variety of applications, such as e-commerce, ad network, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, satellite imaging, smart homes/appliances, smart cities, biometrics, face recognition, video, and security.