Excalibur N5 munitions testing complete by U.S. Navy, Raytheon

YUMA PROVING GROUND, Ariz. The U.S. Navy and Raytheon completed a new round of Excalibur N5 munition test firings. The precision-guided projectiles demonstrated various short-, mid-, and long-range capabilities.

Designed to be fired from the Navy's five-inch guns, Excalibur N5 is the sea-based variant of the revolutionary, extended-range, precision munition used by ground forces around the globe. The Excalibur weapon provides accurate, first-round effects at all ranges in all weather conditions.

"Excalibur N5 answers the Navy's need for a sea-launched, precision-guided projectile," says Sam Deneke, Raytheon Land Warfare Systems vice president. "N5 doubles the range of the Navy's big guns and delivers the same accuracy as the land-based version."