EW system will contain SBC from Abaco

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. Abaco Systems announced that its rugged 3U VPX SBC347D single-board computer has been chosen by an international defense electronics company to be the core of a new electronic warfare (EW) system that will be deployed in manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and in fixed and mobile ground platforms.

According to Abaco company materials, between two and four SBC347Ds will be configured in the system, depending on customer requirements. For the EW system, the SBC347D will handle systemwide communication, including activity detectors and exciters, wideband antennae, T/R switches, and wideband receivers. In addition, the SBC can have the option to signal initiated jamming, sequential jamming, multicarrier jamming, and wideband/barrage jamming.

The value to Abaco of the orders over the coming four years is expected to total $3.5 million, say company officials.