Enhanced protection system for armored vehicles passes live-fire qualification

ARLINGTON, Va. Leonardo DRS and partner Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (Haifa, Israel) have completed a lengthy live-fire qualification process for key elements of the lighter-weight TROPHY Vehicle Protection System (VPS), which is used on armored vehicles.

The recent test rounds -- conducted at an official test range in Israel  and monitored by subject matter experts and program officials from the U.S., NATO, and other allied nation -- included more than 250 live scenarios that challenged key aspects of the system’s upgraded hard-kill defeat mechanism.

Threat defeat performance on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, say Leonardo DRS officials, exceeded 95 percent.

TROPHY VPS will next be demonstrated in the U.S. on the Stryker platform at the request of the Stryker program office; concurrently, DRS and Rafael are continuing a parallel effort to bring about TROPHY’s compliance with the U.S. Modular APS standard.