Endeavor Robotics adds to U.S. military contract wins with FirstLook robot order

CHELMSFORD, Mass. Endeavor Robotics has been awarded a contract for 75 FirstLook robots from the U.S. government for immediate operational use.

The remote-controlled FirstLook is designed to act as an operator's initial eyes and ears, thereby allowing the human operator to increase their standoff distance from a potential threat.

FirstLook robots -- which the company states are currently in wide use across the world in the , law-enforcement, and energy sectors -- weigh just five pounds and can be thrown or even dropped 15 feet onto concrete without sustaining injury. With its day/night cameras and two-way audio, the FirstLook is used in assessing dangerous situations, clearing buildings, and detecting explosives in the field. The robots can climb up to seven inches and can self-right if flipped over.

The recent government order marks the third win for Endeavor in just six weeks in late summer/fall 2017.

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