Dual-band digital readout IC aims at use in ISR, UASs, space sensors

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. Digital infrared (IR) image sensing technology developer Senseeker Engineering has announced the Oxygen RD0092, an 8 µm pitch dual-band digital readout IC (DROIC). The system is aimed at use in such imaging applications as surveillance, situational awareness, unmanned aerial systems (UASs), and space sensors.

According to Senseeker Engineering, the system's global shutter mode and windowing capability enables an unlimited number of 32 x 32 windows at over 8000 fps [frames per second] to detect and track multiple objects in real time. For applications like situational awareness in which threat detection is critical, High Dynamic Range Dual Integration mode -- which runs two integration times simultaneously on a checkerboard pattern of pixels to optimize range, resolution, and detection sensitivity of the system -- can be used to expand the possible dynamic range over 110 dB.

Dr. Thomas Poonnen, director of engineering at Senseeker, said of the RD0092, the company's first off-the-shelf readout product: "You can change operating modes or window sizes on the fly and toggle detector polarity or checkerboard integration pattern between frames, all of which can be accomplished by flipping just a few bits."