Developmental testing completed on Small Diameter Bomb II for fighter pilots' use

TUCSON,Ariz. Raytheon has finished a round of developmental testing on the Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II), a key step toward bringing this new capability to military fighter pilots.

Raytheon officials say that the weapon currently under test enables pilots to detect, classify, track, and destroy targets, even in adverse weather conditions from standoff ranges. "We call SDB II a game-changer because the weapon doesn't just hit GPS coordinates; it finds and engages targets," said Mike Jarrett, Raytheon Air Warfare Systems vice president. "SDB II can eliminate a wider range of targets with fewer aircraft, reducing the pilot's time in harm's way."

The recently completed developmental testing saw test pilots dropping 44 SDB II bombs; the weapon destroyed maneuvering targets in adverse weather and demonstrated third-party control through a data link. The SDB II also was able to choose the correct target from among decoys and also proved that it was compatible with the F-15E Strike Eagle. Initial work on integrating the SDB II with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is now underway.