DeepStrike missile from Raytheon moves system closer to flight tests for operational use

CAMDEN, Ark. Raytheon is reporting a successful test of an advanced warhead for its new DeepStrike surface-to-surface missile, a result that moves the weapon closer to its first flight test, planned for later during 2019.

The DeepStrike missile is Raytheon's offering for the U.S. Army's Precision Strike Missile, or PrSM, program -- slated to replace the 1970s-era Army Tactical Missile System -- which is coming to the end of its service life.

During the arena test, experts at the National Technical Systems testing facility detonated the warhead inside a controlled environment; following examination, the team determined that the warhead exceeds Army performance requirements based on the mass and distribution of fragments.

The DeepStrike is a long-range precision strike missile -- having the ability to defeat fixed land targets from 35 to 310 miles away -- that Raytheon says will double the firepower at half the cost while remaining more maneuverable and more easily upgraded.