DARPA swarm effort signs Charles River Analytics contract for enhanced algorithms, tactics

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Intelligent-systems developer Charles River Analytics has won a contract option to integrate its SATURN [Swarm Algorithms and Tactics for Urban Reconnaissance and Isolation] capabilities into DARPA's Offensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program.

DARPA [the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] is now set to integrate SATURN capabilities into the overall OFFSET program; such capabilities provide heterogeneous swarms of unlimited size with resilient swarm behavior to achieve military objectives.

Under the OFFSET program, DARPA is actively developing 100-plus operationally relevant swarm tactics that could be used by groups of unmanned air and/or ground systems, all with the main goal of making it easier for warfighters to develop and share swarm tactics in rapidly evolving urban settings, thereby freeing the combatants to perform other critical tasks.

Charles River is one of the “sprinter” teams selected by DARPA to develop tactics for successful swarm deployment.

“During the base period, we successfully developed tactics, primitives, and algorithms for urban swarm operations. Now, we get to integrate them into the OFFSET Swarm System Integrators’ simulation environments,” said Dr. Spencer Lynn, senior scientist at .

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