CV90 combat tank to get new direct-fire precision optics capability

PREROV, Czech Republic. Optical specialists Meopta will support vital line-of-sight technology for the BAE Systems CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) under the terms of a recent Memorandum of Understanding with defense and security company Saab. The agreement, signed at NATO Days 2017 -- held in September in the Czech Republic -- will cover potential local production of key components for the CV90’s fire-control system; Meopta and Saab are subcontractors on that system.

The CV90's Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft Fire Control System (UTAAS), developed by with production supplier Meopta, is a modular, integrated system that provides combat crews with direct-fire capability, which is a critical operational feature. Such a capability enables the CV90’s gunner to take aim independently of the vehicle’s movements while the fire-control system automatically aligns the gun.

According to officials at Saab, this feature means that in combat situations, firing can commence more quickly than with conventional target alignment technology, which provides the user a crucial advantage in battle.

Saab officials also say that Meopta’s participation in ’ Czech CV90 offering could extend to other future opportunities.

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