Counter-drone system reaches TRL-9 status

LONDON. The AUDS [Anti-UAV Defence System] has been named the first fully integrated counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipment worldwide to achieve TRL-9 status. TRL-9 -- the highest technology readiness level or maturity that a technology system can attain -- signifies that a technology system or product is in its final form and has been real-world proven through successful mission operations, according to the definition from the Department of Defense (DoD) and NASA.

The AUDS system -- developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics, and Enterprise Control Systems -- can detect a drone six miles away using electronic scanning , track it using precision infrared and daylight cameras and advanced video tracking software, and disrupt the 's flight using a nonkinetic inhibitor to block its controlling radio signals. The move to certify the AUDS system follows successful mission deployment to U.S. customers during 2016.

The AUDS system's detect/track/defeat process is quick, typically taking between eight and 15 seconds. The system's operator can effectively take control of a drone and force a safe landing. The AUDS system is designed to work in any kind of weather and any time of day or night.

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