Challenger 2 main battle tank obsolescence management contract won by Rheinmetall

Engineers at Rheinmetall will be managing obsolescence issues for the British army's Challenger main battle tank under a Challenger 2 Life Extension Program (CR2 LEP) Assessment Phase contract from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MoD).

British army officials want to extend the service life of the through 2035. During the Assessment Phase, experts will develop solutions in line with user requirements set by the MoD. The program aims at tackling existing issues, with Rheinmetall providing options that will sustain the capability and effectiveness of the Challenger 2. The Assessment Phase contract is worth about $28 million.

At the end of this Phase Rheinmetall will make an offer for the Demonstration, Manufacture and In Service contract phases. If successful, under current planning, this contract would then see Rheinmetall becoming the Design Authority for the Challenger 2 and cover the modification of Challenger 2 tanks to Mk 2 standard.

Rheinmetall engineers are currently involved in upgrading the technical and tactical performance of the Leopard 2 main for two international customers.

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