Carbon nanotube technology licensed for aircraft deicing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. UTC Aerospace Systems has obtained an exclusive license from engineering design firm Metis Design to use a carbon nanotube (CNT) heater based technology for aircraft electrothermal ice protection. This technology -- codeveloped by Metis Design and the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- responds to the military, aviation, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) markets' need for low-power, lightweight ice protection.

According to UTC, using thin layers of in an aircraft-deicing system will distribute heat uniformly, enhance damage tolerance on the aircraft wing, and improve material fatigue resistance, all in a lightweight system.

Integration of the new deicing systems with CNT technology will take place at the UTC Aerospace Systems facility in Uniontown, Ohio, supported by Metis Design in Boston and the United Technologies Research Center in East Hartford, Connecticut.

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