Bridge system from Sabtech connects legacy ATDS equipment via Ethernet

YORBA LINDA, CA. Sabtech engineers have extended Airborne Tactical Data Systems (ATDS) serial (MILSTD-188-203-1A, Appendix D2) data communications over a network using the PowerNet ATDS Bridge System. The PowerNet Bridge uses transparent hardware and protocol conversion that allows legacy cryptographic, Data Terminal Set (DTS), Tactical Data System (TDS) equipment to communicate via Ethernet without modification. ATDS is used in equipment supporting Tactical Digital Information Link-A (TADIL-A), designated as Link-11 by NATO.

Using two PowerNet servers connected via to a legacy device at each end of the interface, the System converts the ATDS channel protocol to Ethernet packets that are transmitted and reconverted to ATDS on the other end. This eliminates cabling and allows for redundant paths to be implemented in the network fabric.

The PowerNet Bridge System has dual Ethernet ports that can be configured in dual port mode for uninterrupted operation if one interface or network path is unavailable. The system is available in 6U VME board, 19-inch rackmount, enclosed rugged rackmount form factors, or as a standalone system.

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