Bradley Fighting Vehicle upgrades extended for BAE Systems

WASHINGTON. The U.S. Army has awarded BAE Systems a contract modification worth up to $269 million for continued production of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV). The award for an additional 168 upgraded Bradley A4 Infantry Fighting Vehicles is part of the Army’s combat vehicle modernization strategy and helps ensure force readiness of the Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCT).

Photo courtesy of BAE Systems.

According to the Army, the Bradley A4 is equipped with an enhanced powertrain that maximizes mobility and increases engine horsepower, providing rapid movement in reaction to combat or other adverse situations.

Wide-angle Driver’s Vision Enhancer, improved Force XXI Battle Command Bridge, and Below (FBCB2) software integration is intended to improve friendly and enemy vehicle identification. The addition of a High Speed Slip Ring, greater network connectivity, and Smart Displays that display classified and unclassified information also improve situational awareness.

Previous funding for initial production of 164 Bradley A4 vehicles allowed BAE Systems to begin production. The award of this option brings the total production funding to $578 million.