Boeing Inmarsat-5 Global Xpress satellite launches, sends signals from orbit

EL SEGUNDO, CA. Boeing has launched their first Inmarsat-5 satellite, which sent its first signals from orbit. Boeing plans to establish the world’s first globally-available high-speed mobile broadband service for commercial and government use, called Global Xpress.

The satellites are designed to provide in-flight connectivity for airline passengers, global mobile broadband communications for sea vessels, and streaming hi-res video, voice, and data.

Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Systems International says of the launch: “This launch is noteworthy for two reasons: It is the first in the Boeing-built Inmarsat-5 series of four high-power satellites, and our Boeing Commercial Satellite Services unit has been actively marketing its military and commercial Ka-band capacity to government users.”

The future satellites, Inmarsat-5 F2 and F3 are currently in production in El Segundo, CA, and are scheduled for launch in 2014. Plans to build the fourth satellite have been approved.

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