Biocular viewing devices for tanks enable lower-strain viewing in the field

WASHINGTON--AUSA. Kent Periscopes (St. Asaph, Wales) -- the U.K.-based supplier of unity vision periscopes, vehicle sights, and related equipment for military armored vehicles -- is talking up its straight biocular display at the Association of the United States Army Exhibition (AUSA). Company officials say that the design provides users with higher-fidelity relaxed viewing for armored fighting vehicles in the field.

The biocular sight uses a series of aspheric, diffractive, and conventional lenses to eliminate the eyestrain ordinarily experienced by viewing close-up displays.

The compact module contains a set of high-end optics attached to a high-resolution display cassette. The user looks with both eyes, and experiences the effect of projecting the image away at a comfortable distance, which gives a more relaxed view that helps eliminate eye strain, according to Kent.  It also magnifies the image by an exact amount to allow 1:1 vision when used with the appropriate field-of-view sensor or camera (typically 40 or 55 degrees).

A Kent news release indicates that Kent is supplying periscopes to General Dynamics and an auxiliary sight to for the UK Scout SV program; the company has also been chosen to supply its Embedded Image Periscopes (EIP) to Lockheed Martin for the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP).

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