Ballistic missile modeling, simulation contract won by Lockheed Martin

BETHESDA, Md. Lockheed Martin announced that it has secured a $240 million U.S. Missile Defense Agency contract for ballistic defense modeling and simulation. The Modeling and Simulation Contract-Framework and Tools (MASC-F) will offer potential simulations of situations for the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS).

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

According to company officials, MASC-F will provide computer-based tools, modeling, algorithms, and analysis techniques to integrate real-world hardware and constructive models from each of the BMDS program elements into a single system that represents the performance of fielded BMDS equipment. The BMDS is designed to counter ballistic missiles of all ranges and is integrated with layered architecture to account for the sizes and ranges of potential incoming missiles.

The system's architecture includes networked sensors for tracking on land, sea, and in space; ground- and sea-based interceptor missiles for destroying a ballistic missile using either the force of a direct collision; and a command, control, battle management, and communications network providing the operational commanders with the needed links between the sensors and interceptor missiles.