BAE Systems mission computer will run processing technology from Teledyne e2v, Wind River, and CoreAVI

AEROSPACE TECH WEEK 2019 -- MUNICH. Teledyne e2v, Wind River, and CoreAVI announced that they will provide key technologies for BAE Systems’ new mission computer, which serves as the central hub that processes all mission-critical data on an aircraft.

The joint solution includes the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS), which will run on the Teledyne e2v Qormino Common Computer Platform, with CoreAVI supplying its temperature-screened AMD Embedded Radeon E8860 GPUs plus its safety-critical ArgusCore SC1 OpenGL1.0.1 graphics drivers.

The VxWorks RTOS serves as a base platform that consolidates different applications meant to improve situational awareness for pilots; this real-time avionics system will gather and display information from multiple sources to give the operators a comprehensive picture of the aircraft and airspace.

Neale Osmond, project director at BAE Systems, said of the cooperative effort: "To support the requirements of our customers, our mission computer needs to be capable of providing a high-performing, multicore processing platform while operating in a size, weight, and power-constrained space. By utilizing emerging technologies from Teledyne e2v, Wind River, and CoreAVI, we were able to deliver a fully capable, modern mission computer within a challenging timescale, while meeting our customer’s reliability and safety requirements.”

The three companies have published a technical brief highlighting how the rapid insertion of emerging technologies and standards is achievable and cost-effective way for mission computing products. Those interested may download the brief here.

Teledyne photo.