BAE Systems' chip enables electronic warfare and communications systems to quickly adapt

ARLINGTON, Va. BAE Systems engineers developed the Microwave Array Technology for Reconfigurable Integrated Circuits (MATRICs) chip to address the future requirements of communications, electronic warfare, and signal intelligence systems.

is a radio frequency toolbox on a chip,” says Greg Flewelling, a senior principal engineer at . “It covers a broad range of so that many different types of systems can be designed around it, including ones that need wide spectrum awareness and adaptability to dynamic and challenging signal environments.”

Engineers developed MATRICs and matured the technology under Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s () Adaptive Technology (ART) program, which aims to advance radio’s hardware that can reconfigure themselves under a variety of operating conditions.

The design of the chips allows engineers to develop radio systems without the need for application-specific chips that can be costly and time consuming. Officials explain the chip can benifit from reduced size, weight, and power () requirements and also lets engineers create rapid and working systems that can be fielded faster.

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