Avionics development contract won by Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc.

WASHINGTON. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts, will provide development and operations support to the Engineering Directorate at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston under the Advanced Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) and Avionics Technology Development and Analysis II contract valued at $38.7 million.

The avionics software suite will help guide the agency's next generation of human rated spacecraft on missions beyond low-Earth orbit, officials say.

Under contract, engineers will provide support services including research, design analysis, development simulation, integration, testing operation, and certification for advanced space systems.

The avionics and other software developed under this contract will be incorporated onto the International Space Station and Orion spacecraft. The work will also help future NASA science and exploration missions for manned and unmanned spacecraft.

The cost-plus-fixed-fee, firm-fixed-price contract will continue through March 2019 and includes provisions for two additional option years that can extend the work until March 2021.

Most of the work will be performed at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory facilities in Texas. Services may also be required at other NASA centers, contractor or subcontractor locations, or vendor facilities.

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